FLASH!!   Gemini will remain with FaerieLand as the Ambassador for RESCUE.  She has made a complete 360 turnaround in her personality. She gets along with Natalie, another German Shepherd that shares the residence.  Gemini will remina with FaerieLand Rescue for the balance of her days.  She has quality of life and goes to every adoption event exhibiting what "True Rescue" is all about

UPDATE:   Gemini is scheduled to have her lip/face surgery and dental on 7/23/12. We have raised enough money for Gemini to have this procedure done. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped out in some way. She has gained enough weight, is healing on the inside as well as the outside, is much more outgoing than when she arrived on 3/17/12, and the parasites are finally gone.    

Gemini is a purebred 8 yr old female, black/tan, GSD. She currently weighs 75# and is microchipped, spayed, current on all vaccinations (bordatella, distemper/parvo, rabies & on heartworm monthly preventative). Gemini is housetrained in her current foster home.

She has a torn "lip" that requires minor surgery and will get a dental at the same time. She has various small scars on her head and part of one toe is torn away. She is a "puppy mill" survivor and has incurred the above physical injuries due to the poor background of  "mill/breeding" girl.  As a "mill" dog she came into rescue unsocialized and very insecure.  Since she has been in foster care she has made great strides and dramatic improvements. She is meeting strangers now and will take treats from them.  Her confidence is building.

We are thinking Gemini will require a mild mannered, more confident dog to guide her through her life and to learn from.  She needs a secure fenced yard 6' high. Gemini will be a girl who will be taking "baby steps" in becoming the grand trusting GSD she was meant to be. If you are interested in making your home her FUREVER home, go to the home page and complete an application.


Jasper comes to rescue from Animal Control. He is neutered and current on vaccinations including a microchip.  He is 5 years old and white.  He is energetic and learning house manners.  

Jasper loves to play ball, catch treats or toys, sit, and shake. He can't wait for his FUREVER home to come along.  We are not sure about cats or small dogs.

 He MUST be in a 6 foot high fenced yard.  We REQUIRE all dogs to be house dogs, not tied outside, not hooked to a line or confined on a chain, NO ELECTRONIC fences.  If you think you may wish to give Jasper a home, complete an application at the home page.


Hey Everyone, My name is Bailey and I am a 9 year old female German Shepherd mix.  I came to FaerieLand Rescue after my dad passed away recently and I had no place else to go. FaerieLand promised to find me the best new home and I can't wait for that day to come!   I am a playful, sweet and beautiful girl.  I love love love to go for walks!  I am completely potty trained, house trained and crate trained.  My dad also did obedience training with me so I am smart and I know lots of commands, plus I am a really fast learner. Could you be the right home for me?

For more information on Ilga, please contact us directly at kathy@faerielandrescue.org or faerielandrescuedogs@gmail.com or visit our home page for an online application.


Sampson, the black shepherd who was adopted has to be put up for adoption again. The home that adopted him will continue to foster him. He turns out to be an alpha dog and they have a male Aussie who is intimidated by him. He puts his head over the shoulder in posturing all the time.



Molly is an 8 1/2 year old female German Shepherd Dog.  She has tons of energy and does not act like a Senior girl. She comes to rescue due to her family member passing away.  She has a strong personality, very alpha in nature. She has a high prey drive and does not like small animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, anything small) nor does she know how to act around children.  We therefore recommend she not go into a home with other pets or children. We recommend she be placed in a home with adults only over the age of 18 years.
She is smart and quickly learns things. She is alpha, beautiful and her eyes are bright and she notices everything in her surroundings.  She wants to be the boss at all times.  She will challenge you but will do what you want if you have the experience to handle a dog like Molly.
She is all vetted and house broken.  She requires a 6' high fenced area to be adopted. Her adoption fee is $250.00.


 Liberty is about 2 1/2 years old. He came to us because he growled at another dog through the kennel fenceat  the AHS where they were going to euthanize him.  Once I met him and examined his teeth, bite and feet, I knew he was worth saving and would make a great companion.  He was found as a Stray so he has had to learn to trust people.  He was lacking confidence and therefore would bark and put his hair up on the back when he saw another dog.  Liberty is not reacting to other dogs anymore and is very playful. 
He has met both teens and adults and has been fine.   At this time we are looking for a home with no small children under the age of 17. A fenced area is required, 6' high', to adopt this dog.  His adoption fee is $450.00.

Levi FLI1315

Levi, a 1 1/2 yr old, comes to rescue as a stray.  He arrived one day at a farm and taken in by the property owner.  While staying with them, he was secured to a rope and was attacked by a Coyote in the middle of the night. He suffered a  puncture wound on his right ear and a couple of gashes across his face, which have all healed. Levi is a Belgian mix of some kind.  He does not like loud noises and interprets them as a threat; does not like corrections and will react to the hand that corrects him by showing his teeth and backing up; do not walk past a screaming puppy without having him on leash.   He is all vetted including his neuter. He walks well on leash normally and is a sweet dog.

We are not recommending children under the age of 18 at this time for this dog. For someone looking at a Belgian and has the experience of a Belgian breed, you would be considered a good candidate.  He is not aggressive or mean.  He does nicely when you use a very happy voice and clap your hands for him.  He may be brushed without problems but does not like his feet touched or to have his nails trimmed.

We will not consider anyone for adoption that ties dogs outside with a line or tie out stake; lets them run free or uses an electronic underground fencing system.  A 6 foot high fenced area is required for the consideration of this dog.  If you wish to be considered for this dog, please consider the details for his adoption listed above and then make application on the home page.  His adoption fee is $350.00

Lucas FLI1333

Lucas is about 5 years old, male, German Shepherd with a floppy ear.  He is sweet, plays with other dogs(female), likes children, loves being a house dog and is completely vaccinated and neutered.  He comes to rescue from an abused hoarding situation.  We took him in and fattened him up. We vetted him and allowed him to heal while in rescue before asking much of him. He had to learn that humans were not all bad people who abused their 4 legged animals!

We are working on house manners, learning to play with other dogs, how to go for a run next to a bike, riding in a vehicle, getting a bath, how to retrieve toys, not getting excited when foster mom leaves the room, basic obedience and much more. He is a sweet, sensitive, wonderful dog that deserves a FUREVER home. His adoption fee is $350.00. He is good with other dogs. (prefer finding a home for him that has a female dog for him to play with).

We will not allow anyone who adopts one of our dogs to secure them outside with any of the following: a tie out stake, a tie out line, a tie out rope, an underground electronic fence system or to roam free.  Lucas will need a 6 foot high fenced area to play and be outside. It will be a long time before he can be trusted outside the area with out someone being his constant companion. Please go to the home page for an online application.


Ahna is a German Shepherd that is about 1 1/2 years old. She came to us through Animal Control as a Stray.  She is very sweet and laid back.  She is housebroken and comes when called. We are working on simple obedience commands.
She easily jumps in and out of a vehicle and likes to go for a ride.  She is a very petite little girl at 37#'s.  She is vaccinated and spayed.  She is looking for a FUREVER home with another dog (male preferred) to be her companion.  We do not adopt to folks who tie dogs outside, let them run free or use underground electronic fences.  We do want a 6' high fenced area for the dog to be outside and safe.  Her adoption fee is $450.00. Go to the home page for an online application.

Chase FLI149

Chase is a sweet, young puppy, born around 1/31/14.  She is a German Shepherd mix. She was born on an Indian Reservation and was rescued. She has been vaccinated but needs to be spayed when she is a little older.

She is learning to play with other dogs, play with toys, greet strangers nicely and walk on leash. She gives kisses freely and would love someone to play with (prefer a male companion) and her own family.  She likes riding in the car.  We do not adopt to anyone who lets the dogs run free, ties them out or uses electronic fences.

If you are interested in this puppy, go to the home page and complete an application.   Her adoption fee is $350.00